Angel Program

You can earn your “wings” by donating for one or more of the following periodicals requested by Clayton Library. Non-specific donations are always welcome. All donations to the Angel Program will be acknowledged in the CLF newsletter, unless otherwise requested. Memorial donations will be acknowledged upon request. 

Use our Online Donation page to support the Angel Program! Simply write the name(s) of the periodicals that you wish to support in the Comment section.

2020 Periodicals Needed:

    • Families (Ontario Genealogical Society-Canada) $100

    • Kin Hunters (Sandusky Co., Ohio) $12

    • Licking Lantern (Licking county, Ohio) $19

    • Topeka Genealogical Society Quarterly (Kansas) $55

    • Montgomery Genealogical Society Quarterly (Alabama) $25

Last Updated: 06/09/2020

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